Graphene Processor
The growing demand for Graphene across different industries will help to increase its viability as a material of choice for the transistors of the future. Soon enough, This technology will be fully developed, And we can all enjoy Graphene processor speeds at a rate that was hard to imagine in the past
Graphene Solar Panels
For several years already, Solar power has been referred to as one of the primary targets in the movement towards the use of alternative energy. However, the use of silicon cells in the construction of solar panels tends to be fragile, Unwieldy, and expensive to produce. Since high production cost also affects the
Graphene Aerogel
How does Aerogel density compare to the density of air? A cubic centimeter of aerogel weighs only 0.16 milligrams — , if you're having trouble conceptualizing that, 1 cubic meter weighs just (5.6 ounces) 160 grams ) . A single square-meter sheet of graphene would weigh just 0.0077 grams
Graphene Lightbulbs
Over the years, new technologies have been introduced to develop new lighting fixtures that are better than the previous ones. These technologies enable not only longer lifespan of the lightbulb but also better illumination and more efficient consumption of energy. One of the perfect examples of the latter