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Graphene is the building block of the compound graphite. The discovery of the material has excited both researchers and businesses across the globe. Consumers are also excited to buy products. The material is known to its strength while maintaining a thin profile. It can be used in various fields that include electricity, energy generation, sensors, batteries,conductivity, and a lot more.

At present, there are already a couple of companies that are creating graphene and materials that are based on the compound. The volume of production is small, and that’s why the prices are high right now.
At present, graphene is not yet used in commercial applications. The good news is that graphene use is already under development in various fields.

Buy Graphene Products
buy graphene

Most of the graphene on the market

today is produced through chemical vapour deposition process. The quality is decent and can be used for various purposes. At present, researchers are main consumers of graphene. They buy the material in various forms.

Today you can buy graphene powder and graphene oxide in water dispersion. The dispersion is used for complex composites, lubricants, capacitors, batteries, oils, display materials, films, barriers, 3D printer materials, and more.

You can also buy graphene products such as graphene oxide film, monolayer graphene on copper, monolayer graphene on PET, and monolayer graphene on quartz, just to name a few. There are already some graphene-based products on the market today, but it is not confirmed as to whether they are really made out of the material.

Power booster Technology of China has claimed to have developed a flexible touch panel made of graphene. They said that they have produced millions of touch panels for mobile devices a month and shipped them to smartphone manufacturers.

Buy Graphene Products
head tennis

Head announced in 2013

that their new tennis racket line uses graphene. They say that graphene assists in distributing the weight and help in making the racket stronger. Then in 2014, Head introduced skis for women that have graphene.

The skis are durable and light weight and costs higher than the average skis on the market. In 2013, Thermene introduced the Graphene Thermal Paste that is used for CPU cooling They said that 3ml of Thermene is enough to cool dozen computer units.

The thermal paste has graphene oxide flakes that are at least 80 percent graphene. In 2014, Catlike, a Spanish company, introduced cycling helmets on the market that are enhanced with graphene. Their helmets are strong and lightweight. They offer better impact absorption, which make them safer than other helmets.

Buy Graphene Products
Graphene Helmet

These are just some of the products on the market today

As you can see, they come from various industries. You can buy graphene products in all shapes and sizes. Keep in mind that you need to be sure that the product does contain graphene or not.

When you are looking to buy graphene products just make sure that you are getting the real deal. You should buy graphene sheets, monolayer graphene, graphene oxide and other graphene products from reputable retailers. That way you will get genuine graphene that you can use for your project.

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