Graphene Lightbulb: Redefining Lighting Fixtures

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Over the years, new technologies have been introduced to develop new lighting fixtures that are better than the previous ones. These technologies enable not only longer lifespan of the lightbulb but also better illumination and more efficient consumption of energy, One of the perfect examples of the latter is the graphene bulb.

This revolution in the field of electronics is set to replace LED light bulbs. It is 200 times better in strength compared to steel and one million times thinner compared to a strand of human hair. These things alone can already provide you with sufficient reasons to buy graphene light bulb.

Graphene bulb
Graphene lightbulb

The Rise of an Evolution

Considered to be the world’s thinnest light bulb, and perhaps the most innovative to date, the graphene bulb has been developed through the collaborative efforts of American and Korean engineers from the Columbia University in New York.

In the research of the team, they were able to find out that small strips of freely-suspended graphene, when they are attached to metal electrodes, can reach a temperature of 2,800 K, and hence, making it capable of emitting visible light.

Made from a wire filament, although much of the results of the research were preliminary, it is expected that sooner, people will change the way lighting is utilised. A lot of its applications in the future can stem from the industrial and commercial side, where flexible and transparent lighting options will be necessary.

Graphene bulb
Graphene lightbulb

Benefits of Graphene Bulb

For those who are thinking of reasons to buy graphene light bulb, the most significant is perhaps the fact that it can help improve energy efficiency by as much as 10%. In today’s time, more and more people are being conscious about the impacts of their actions to the environment.

Simple things such as changing the way you light up your homes can do a lot to be eco-friendly and help in promoting a more sustainable environment. Unlike traditional lightbulbs that generate heat this will not be an issue with those that are made from graphene.

Such is a favourable choice of material for a lightbulb because of its ability to spread heat and minimise thermal boundary resistance. With such, the self-heating issue, which is common in other lighting fixtures, will be addressed.

The graphene bulb is also dimmable

providing users with the flexibility that they need. More so, it is also believed that such will lead into creating a light bulb that will last for an extended period of time, longer than the lifespan of today’s LED bulbs. Expected to be finally available by the end of the year, graphene light bulb cost is estimated to be around £15 per unit.

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