Graphene Oil

If you are in the mobile oil change business then you know how important it is not to get any oil on the ground. Not only is it an environmental concern because as you probably realize even 1 gallon of diesel fuel will pollute 1,000,000 gallons water, but also because many of your higher-end clients at their office buildings, or at their homes do not want oil stains on their driveways, or anywhere that people might see.

One technique that quite a few companies use is a “throw-mat” and like the term suggests, this is a mat you can either throw underneath the vehicle, or throw-down and roll-out which will prevent any oil that happens to drip from falling on the ground. Of course, the best throw-mat would be one that doesn’t weigh very much because you have to roll it back up and put it back in your van, truck, or mobile oil change trailer rig.

graphene oil

Graphene Oil

The last thing you want is something that weighs as much as a carpet roll, as you can hurt your back, especially at the end of a long day when you are tired, and you are not exactly doing things in an ergonomically correct way.

Perhaps you don’t know this, but many of the new technologies which are used by the military and the aerospace industry involve carbon nanotube sheets and graphene coatings. These materials are extremely light, super strong, and they weigh very little.

Graphene Oil

This means if you have a “throw mat” made out of such material you don’t have to worry about its weight causing you to have a thrown out back, or weighing down your vehicle. You also don’t have to worry about your employees having an injury

because even a grandmother could pick it up and throw it like a bedspread made out of a parachute, or a Frisbee that one could throw across the yard.

Yes, this will make the perfect material to protect the environment, and use in the mobile oil change business. It appears that these will not be available for between 8 to 10 years into the future, as nano manufacturing still isn’t there yet, and the cost right now is too prohibitive. But as the cost comes down, we can expect these to be used in our industry as well.