Rewards For An Accepted Article Submission

(if you follow all terms then the likeliness of your article being published will be 100%, If Published Your article will be displayed as a main website page exactly the same as any page from the top bar menu)

1. If your Article is accepted you will be allowed 1 Adsense placement above the fold
(Please Note the Adsense Ad Type must be Responsive or Responsive link)

2.If your Article is accepted you will be allowed 1 in article Do-Follow link to any website you desire.

3.If your Article is accepted you will be allowed To have an Author Bio Box at the end of the article with your publisher name and any social media accounts you wish to display along with an additional Do-Follow link to any website.
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1. The Article Must Be Of High Quality.
2. The Article Must Be Uniuqe And Not Plagiarised.
3. You Have The Choice To Ad 1 Main Keyword For SEO Purposes (This is not a requirement).
4. The Article Topic must be (Anything) about Graphene That has not already been published.
5. The Article Must Have A Minimum Of 300 Words.

Please Use This Template For The Options

(To Save Time And Effort If You Do Not Wish To Fill Out The Template Now That’s Fine, If Your Article Is Accepted I Will Email You The Template For Completion)

Please copy the template and fill in your details then at the end of the article simply paste it in.

(If you do not wish to use a certain option then simply leave it blank.)

[Start Of Template
1[Place Your Adsense Code Here]
2[Place Your In Article Do-Follow link Here (and if you wish Anchor text)]
3[Place your Social Media Profile(s) URL Links Here separated by a comma (Allowed Accounts:Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter)]
4[Place A Short Snippet About Yourself Here For The Author Bio]
5[Place Your Website Link Here For The Author Bio]
6[Link To Your Author Picture]
7[Your SEO Keyword]
8[Links To Any Images You Want In The Article]
End Template]

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