Head YouTek Graphene Speed Pro


The Head YouTek Graphene Speed Pro tennis racket is a weapon of choice of tennis star Novak Djokovic. The racket is constructed using a revolutionary Graphene material that brings the tennis game to the new level as it enables generating more power with less effort and creating more speed in every shot.

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Head YouTek Graphene Speed Pro Review

Head are one of the best tennis racquet manufacturers in the world. Currently sponsoring the World Nr. 1, Head has recently released one of the best tennis racquet in their tennis line – The Head YouTek Graphene Speed Pro. We decided to do this Head YouTek Graphene Speed Pro Review in order to give short overview of his features.

Head YouTek Graphene Speed Pro Features
As you can see Novak Djokovic is the inspiration of the racquet. Right at the start we want to emphasize that this racquet is delivered unstrung, so you’ll have to order strings as well. Head recommends Sonic Pro 17 strings for it.
It is a 27” (68.5cm) racquet and it is special that this racquet is constructed using the so called graphene material.

Head YouTek Graphene Speed Pro

It is stated in multiple sources that this material creates more power which enables more speed in every shot you make with it. It has the 18 x 20 string pattern and with the right string the control and speed you can achieve with it is amazing. That is why this racquet is recommended for players that play aggressive and attacking tennis, players like Novak himself.

Not only that the racquet is easy to hold and balanced, but also offers great maneuverability. That also enables better switches and changes that are crucial for some shots. Of course, to make the grip much safer and comfortable, Head used synthetic leather grip. The touch and feel of the racquet is much better with it.

>p>At the end of the day, the Head YouTek Graphene Speed Pro is a worthy investment because it can really make your shots faster and more powerful. It is a great racquet to own because it is also used by Novak, the current number one tennis player in the world. It offers great control, it’s comfortable, light, but also extremely powerful. Definitely it can be your advantage over your opponent.


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