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The Elegance and Power of Vittoria Qurano Graphene Wheels

Its an absolute pleasure to be doing a Vittoria Qurano 46 review on Vittoria Qurano Carbon fibre wheels and tires have been replaced by the revolutionised graphene nano-technology material It is a state of the art product derived from graphite that is a mere one atom thick, complete sheet of carbon that will surpass the carbon fibre used in cycling of the past.

It conducts heat far better than other materials, is five times more flexible than steel and two hundred times stronger. Vittoria Qurano is leading the way when it comes to offering graphene wheels and rims. They understand that wider tubular rim and wheel profiles have better performance by providing better grip, handling and rolling resistance.

Vittoria Qurano provides a perfect match between their wheels and tubular rims to give more safety and speed whether you are a racing cyclist or just enjoy a great cycling experience. Vittoria Qurano claims that by using their Qurano 46 or Qurano 84 wheels, they will give you a fifteen percent reduction in weight, a ten percent better dissipation of heat and a fifty percent increase in lateral stiffness to give you the optimal safe and fast ride you want.

Vittoria Qurano
Vittoria Qurano Wheels

Qurano 46 Will Amaze

The Qurano 46 is a full-carbon race wheel that conforms perfectly to the tubular wide rim for optimum performance and speed. The front rim is forty-two millimetres deep while the rear rim is forty six millimetres deep. The weight of these exceptional tires comes in at twelve hundred and ninety-eight grams and cost £ twelve hundred and ninety-nine.

The ease that the Switch IT free wheels design allows removal and quick change of the tire during races. The improved acceleration due to the ultra light aero spokes and graphene material will let you speed ahead of your competition. Vittoria Qurano 46 review continued

Vittoria Qurano
Vittoria Qurano

Qurano 84 High-Profile Aero Model

The Qurano 84 full-carbon race wheel offers the same heat dissipation, strength, and power that the graphene material offers in Vittoria Qurano G+ technology.

In this Vittoria Qurano 46 review high-profile aero model has a front and rear rim depth of eighty-four millimetres and gives you all the grip, performance and speed that Vittoria Qurano is known for with their graphene G+ technologically astounding material.

The cost will run you on average about fourteen hundred and ninety-nine. It weighs a mere fifteen hundred and seventy-three grams. The newest technology coming out of Vittoria Qurano will amaze any cyclist today.

The material of graphene is outstanding with its unsurpassed conduction of heat, the strength and flexibility better than steel while seemingly almost weightless will give you the best performance during races and provide the best ride of your life.


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